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"I've got a canvas, I've got a scene, let's fill that with sound."

Trent Reznor

Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität Imagevideo

Music: Composition & Production


Radio OÖ / ORF Band

Guitars: Electric / Acoustic

Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität virtueller Rundgang

Music: Composition & Production


Since I started playing in bands I always wanted to do a song all on my own which is kind of funny looking back. So this is somewhat proof to myself and a reminder that I reached a set goal. It already did a lot and more than enough for me actually: it was part of my bachelor's degree performance, got me into jazz composition studies and it was almost a therapeutic process making it. 

Expanded Animation 2022

"Synaesthetic Syntax: Gestures of Resistance"

Music: Composition & Production

black hole sun fingerstyle

As a fan, my solo guitar arrangement may serve as a tribute to Chris Cornell's work in Soundgarden, Audioslave or Solo.

Mella Casata | Boys tears

Acoustic version of Boys Tears at a bar in Steyr. 

Guitarist & Recorings | 2021

the book of love

My solo guitar arrangement of Book Of Love written by Stephin Merritt also covered by Peter Gabriel.

Fingerstyle | Picking | 2019

the mad doctor 

Vertonung zu Mickey Mouse Comic 

I recorded and mixed all of the music by myself. If you're interested in the used plug-ins, harmonic 

Komposition & Sounddesign | 2021

Bildschirmfoto 2022-07-22 um 10.49.29.png

Theater am Fluss - Sommertheater

Theater am Fluss - div. Produktionen

E-Gitarre, Akustik Gitarre, Banjo ('22), Arrangement & Komposition | 2019 - 2023

Theater am Fluss - Best of Austropop

Theater am Fluss - Abschlusskonzert: Saison '23

Arrangements: Austropop Konzertabend

Best of Austropop - Programmlyer (6-seitig) (Vorderseite).jpg

Hausmannskost - Schmankerl des Austropop

Guitars: Electric / Acoustic
Hits von Wolfgang Ambros, Rainhard Fendrich, Georg Danzer, STS, Ostbahn Kurti, u.v.a. werden durch einen roten Faden humorvoll verbunden.

Musikvideo It's time

Schulprojekt der 4B der Musikmittelschule Hellmonsödt im Freifach "Multimedia Art" 


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