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"I've got a canvas, I've got a scene, let's fill that with sound."

Trent Reznor

Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität Imagevideo

Music: Composition & Production

Expanded Animation 2022

"Synaesthetic Syntax: Gestures of Resistance"

Music: Composition & Production


Since I started playing in bands I always wanted to do a song all on my own which is kind of funny looking back. So this is somewhat proof to myself and a reminder that I reached a set goal. It already did a lot and more than enough for me actually: it was part of my bachelor's degree performance, got me into jazz composition studies and it was almost a therapeutic process making it. 

Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität virtueller Rundgang

Music: Composition & Production

black hole sun fingerstyle

As a fan, my solo guitar arrangement may serve as a tribute to Chris Cornell's work in Soundgarden, Audioslave or Solo.

Mella Casata | Boys tears

Acoustic version of Boys Tears at a bar in Steyr. 

Guitarist & Recorings | 2021

the book of love

My solo guitar arrangement of Book Of Love written by Stephin Merritt also covered by Peter Gabriel.

Fingerstyle | Picking | 2019

the mad doctor 

Vertonung zu Mickey Mouse Comic 

I recorded and mixed all of the music by myself. If you're interested in the used plug-ins, harmonic 

Komposition & Sounddesign | 2021

Musikvideo It's time

Schulprojekt der 4B der Musikmittelschule Hellmonsödt im Freifach "Multimedia Art" 


Bildschirmfoto 2022-07-22 um 10.49.29.png

Theater am Fluss

Theater am Fluss - div. Produktionen

E-Gitarre, Akustik Gitarre, Banjo ('22), Arrangement & Komposition | 2019 - 2023

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